About Us


The Washburn Neighborhood Association is comprised of residents, property owners, business owners, and people who work in the neighborhood.  We meet regularly to share ideas and plan activities that benefit our neighborhood and our community.

Neighborhood Boundaries

La Crosse, Wisconsin is home to the Washburn neighborhood. The boundaries are the Mississippi River on the west, Jackson Street on the south, West Avenue on the east, and Cass/Main Streets on the north. The neighborhood is adjacent to La Crosse’s historic downtown and also the Powell-Poage-Hamilton Neighborhood.

Map of Washburn Neighborhood Association

City of La Crosse Neighborhood Associations

Getting Started

The City of La Crosse is fortunate to have a number of neighborhood associations, and ours was not the first. People in the community have sometimes organized around a specific event, or at times a single issue of concern. People gathered in Washburn to find out what could be done to revitalize the neighborhood as a whole. With support from the City Planning Office, lead by former Director of City Planning Larry Kirch, neighbors began to meet regularly in 2001 to share ideas and to develop strategies to improve the area.

Important Dates

  • First official meeting of the Washburn Neighborhood Association – July 10th, 2001
  • Common Council adopts Washburn Neighborhood Plan – June 13, 2002
  • The Washburn Tapestry: Weaving a Sense of Place – Fall 2003
  • Washburn Neighborhood Residential Zoning District created – 2004
  • 10th and Cass Neighborhood Historic District created – 2004
  • First Annual Garden Fest – March 2005 (Powell-Hood-Hamilton Neighborhood)
  • Firefighter’s Credit Union Landscaping Project – April 19, 2006
  • First Rain Barrel created & sold – Summer 2009
  • First Rain Barrel Painting Contest – June 2009 (La Crosse Public Library)
  • Washburn Neighborhood Garden Park created – May 2010
  • Washburn Neighborhood Association receives 501(c)(3) status – August 30, 2013
  • Healthy Hero Organization Award – January 8, 2016
For more information about neighborhood groups in the City of La Crosse, contact the City of La Crosse Planning Office.